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In previous chapters, we explained how to create your own site and what methods are available to promote it. This last section is devoted to seo software tools that can automate much of the seo work on your site and can achieve even better results. We will discuss the Seo Administrator seo software suite that you can download from our site (

Ranking Monitor

   Any seo optimization specialist is faced with the regular task of checking the positions of his sites in the search engines. You could check these positions manually, but if you have several dozen keywords and 5-7 search engines to monitor, the process becomes a real chore.

   The Ranking Monitor module will do everything automatically. You are able to see information on your site ratings for any keywords and in a variety of search engines. You will also see the dynamics and history of your site positions as well as upward and downward trends in your site position for your specified keywords. The same information is also displayed in a visual form.

Link Popularity Checker

   This program will automatically poll all available search engines and create a complete duplicate-free list of inbound links to your resource. For each link, you will see important parameters such as the link text and PageRank of the referring page. If you have studied this article, you will know how important these parameters are. As well as viewing the overall list of inbound links, you can track how the inbound links change over time.

Site Indexation Tool

   This useful tool will show you all pages indexed by a particular search engine. It is a must-have tool for anybody who is creating a new web resource. The PageRank value will be displayed for each indexed page.

Log Analyzer

   All information about your visitors is stored in the log files of your server. The log analyzer module will present this information in convenient and visual reports. Displayed information includes:
   - Originating sites
   - Keywords used,
   - What country they are from
   - Much more…

Page Rank Analyzer

   This utility collects a huge amount of competitive information on the list of sites that you specify. For each site it automatically determines parameters such as Google PageRank, the number of inbound links and the presence of each site in the DMOZ and Yahoo directories. It is an ideal tool for analyzing the competition rate of a particular query.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

   This tool gathers relevant keywords for your site and displays their popularity (the number of queries per month). It also estimates the competition rate of a specified keyword phrase.

HTML Analyzer

   This application analyzes the HTML code of a page. It estimates the weight and density of keywords and creates a report on the correct optimization of the site text. It is useful during the creation your own site and is also a great tool for analyzing your competitors' sites. It allows you to analyze both local HTML pages and online projects.


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  43. Kidney cаncer іs oftеn tгеated bу
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